Meagan lives in Queens with her NYPD husband and two cats Harry and Barry. Meagan has been obsessed with animals her whole life and has had a wide assortment of species as pets over the years. She has had a Frog (who lived to be 18), ferrets, rats, a newt, cats, and dogs! She loves them all but has a special love for cats! She went to Quinnipiac University for their Veterinary Technician program and worked as a Vet tech for many years. She started rescuing after being inspired by her own cats rescuer. She started off as a transporter until she convinced her husband she needed to do more. She is now in charge and runs the holding space on a daily basis. She traps, transports cats to their ASPCA spay/neuter appointments, and drives cats all over the place.



Wife and mom of two grown daughters, Barbara got involved in the world of cat rescue when she moved to her current home in 2012 and a 6 month old cat showed up at her door. They began feeding her and soon a litter of kittens and other colony cats came to be fed. One became hers when she showed up at Barbara's door with a dislocated hip. That was her first “rescue”.  Then, she networked online to find a trapper and the two worked together to Trap-Neuter-Return the cats in her area and get the kittens adopted. She started fostering cats when one was being thrown out by a neighbor of her daughter. Throughout this time she met many people involved in cat rescue, another three trappers, two no kill shelter owners and Suzy, Puppy Kitty NYC.  She asked Barbara to help coordinate transport for her and a few of her fellow rescuers and that grew in to a role in the rescue. 


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Casson resides in West New York NJ with her 4 rescue cats. Although she has always had a love for animals, her rescue work began in 2015 when she fostered and adopted her first kitten from a local Rescue Group. Over the next year she would continue to foster three additional rescue cats, which she later adopted. Feeling like she needed to devote more time to helping homeless cats, she began reaching out to several Rescue groups in search of volunteer work. Although she assisted random groups with fostering and transportation she ultimately devoted her time to Puppykittynycity’s Rescue as a transporter and transport coordinator, where she gradually became an integral part of their team. Over the last year she has fostered numerous kittens and cats, processed foster and adoption applications, transported dozens of rescue cats, pulled unhealthy cats from shelters and trapped sick or injured cats. There is nothing more rewarding than to help animals in need and provide a voice to the voiceless. As Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the
way its animals are treated.”



Jake grew up with a passion for animals and helping people alike. This is what drew Jake to PKNYC at first. Jake started with PKNYC being a foster for kittens then he started working on creating a working website for Puppy Kitty along with other technology updates. Today, he continues to work on tech for Puppy Kitty while helping with TNR and rescuing in his spare time. Jake lives in NYC with his boyfriend and cat, Dakota. He can be found enjoying the NYC air or playing with Dakota.


A lover of all animals, she got involved in rescue during a stray cat problem in her town by TNRing about 25 cats in a condo complex. Later, there was a large hoarder situation with an ill man and she became integral in the care of him and the cats. During this time Melissa met other rescuers, trappers and people within the cat community. One of those people was Suzy. She helped get the situation in hand and find homes for the cats. Now, she works as a team member of PKNYC.



Diane, who lives in California, got involved with Puppykitty by volunteering when there was a call for help. Diane spends her time helping by responding to comments on Instagram and doing whatever is needed in the moment along with administrative duties. She got her first kitten at three and has always had a feline companion since. She is a fur mom of three pretty kitties, a wife and a step mom. Diane loves being a part of something bigger. Her advice to people is to get involved without fear and take the risk of volunteering to help out.



Brooke began as a donor and supporter in 2015. She joined the team in 2016 when she relaunched the rescue's Facebook page, knowing it would reach more people. She now is an admin on the page. She volunteers walking dogs weekly at a local shelter. She resides in California with her husband and her 3 rescue cats.