Puppy Kitty NYC does not have a physical space to house our rescue animals. We rely solely on individuals who will take our rescues into their home and nurture them while we work on finding a forever home for the pet. All medical and supplies are paid for and provided, if provided, while we work on finding a forever home for your foster. Thank you so much for supporting hardworking, volunteer street rescuers of NYC. 

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We generally would not ask you to foster more than two cats at a time, but we usually have bonded pairs that need fostering.
We work to find the cats homes as quickly as possible, but we sometimes ask that they chill with their foster people for a couple weeks up to a couple months—but we are very happy to work around your schedule.
Please list type, name, sex, spay/neuter status
We typically recommend that adopters keep the new cat in a separate room (bathroom, bedroom) if they have other pets or if the adopted cat is timid for at least 2 days, but we might revise the recommendation depending on the pets’ personalities, living arrangements, etc.
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Be sure to include their name, type of animal, how long you had them, their spay/neuter status and why the pet is no longer in your care.
For example, if we have determined that the foster cat is not friendly enough for adoption, or the foster cat does not start to approach you or let you approach him after a week or so, would you be willing to do some training with treats, clicker training, etc? We can help with these different strategies.
We do not require fosters to help in this way, but certainly love it if they can! This help could involve a range of activities, from letting your friends and coworkers know about your foster cat and raving about him/her on social media to bringing the foster cat to weekend adoption events at pet stores near you—we could help connect you with those events.
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We work to connect foster homes with friendly, sweet kitties, but even the best of us can be cranky some days.
We’d prefer a vet reference whenever possible, however, could be friends, coworkers, or family that we could quickly touch base with as a background check. If you currently have pets, please let us know the name of your vet—that can count as one of your references. We ask this of all our potential fosters and adopters.