Puppy Kitty NYCity (PKNYC) was started in the Fall of 2014. Over the next four years, the organization attracted like-minded individuals and PuppyKittyNYCity grew into what we are today. In June 2018, we officially became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

PKNYC is an all-volunteer rescue group. Our core team running the rescue is comprised of seven people; this group extends from New York to California!

PKNYC runs without a shelter so we depend on our amazing foster homes that are thoroughly screened and trained. We are so lucky to have these selfless volunteers who open their homes to our animals. In addition, we have volunteers who transport, run our website, and help us write grants among many other things.We are also lucky to have several NYPD officers who volunteer for PKNYC.

Founder's childhood cat, Patches

Founder's childhood cat, Patches

PKNYC focuses rescue efforts on cats and kittens that are sick, injured, or homeless and on the streets of NYC. Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is one of our primary focus areas in order to control the feline overpopulation problem in NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, and sometimes as far as Connecticut. All animals who come under the care of PKNYC receive quality medical care. Feral cats are trapped, fixed/vaccinated and returned back to their home outside. Friendly cats or young kittens are socialized and then placed in loving forever homes. Our adoptive homes are also thoroughly screened to ensure the best placement for our animals. We have partnered with other organizations to rescue other animals including dogs and birds.

As we continue to grow, we have many larger scale initiatives and projects. But our main goal remains the same: to never say no to an animal in need.